About Radiocom

Radiocom International was established in 1999. We deliver equipment, service and total solutions within modern communication. We are distributor of Peplink, Microlab, Icom and Sepura and we develop customer oriented solutions. We are in a strong cooperation with many of the large players in the business of communication and software. Furthermore we have a portfolio of international partners who can deliver products and know how to our solutions.
Humans have a great need for communication. From birth and through life we seek and give constant acknowledgement and information through different types of communication. It is an important part of life, both private and professional. This communication need is expressed in the want of get in contact with each other. This is not less important regarding companies and organisations where different types of information has to be received in a secure way. This can be in regards to businesses, work, comfort and in some situations life and death. To people and companies moving over larger areas or working in sensitive businesses radio communication is undoubtedly the best and most safe way to maintain certain contact. And this is where Radiocom International gets relevant.